First Ever Pokémon Opening Theme to Release Re-Recorded Version!

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“Mezase Pokémon Master” (“Aim to Be a Pokémon Master”), the first opening to the original Pokémon series, is celebrating its 20th anniversary on June 28! To commemorate this milestone, the ongoing series Pokémon Sun and Moon changed its opening to the remastered version of the song. It will also be the theme song of Pokémon the Movie 20: I Choose You!, which is going to hit theaters on July 15 in Japan.

The re-recorded version features new vocals by Matsumoto Rica (Ash Ketchum) with a live orchestra performing the music. This version is more upbeat than the original but it stays faithful to the nostalgic atmosphere that is so loved among fans.

The remastered single of the old classic will be available from June 28, precisely 20 years after the original released in 1997.

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Source: AnimeAnime