Get On The Boat With Art of War “Berserk” Tentacle Ship – Gold Ver. Statue

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Art of War, known for their premium Berserk statues, is celebrating their 20th anniversary, and the latest addition to the line-up marking the occassion is a Berserk-The Tentacle Ship 2017*Aluminum Coating Gold Version. It’s a variant of a figure that they first did in 2014, with a Bloody and Black versions of the in the following years. 98 000 yen (about $880) will sound pricey, but the figure is H 52 cmx W 31 cmx D 30 cm (including base & dragon slayer) and the after-market asking price for the earlier, sold-out figures been in the thousands (for example, a $4k)


【お知らせ】剣と台座に流れ落ちる血のりに【立体的な血しぶき】の表現を取り入れました。 ご予約はこちら⇒ #berserk

— ベルセルク公式ツイッター (@berserk_project) June 19, 2017

【お知らせ】ART OF WARの秀逸作として繰り返し再販の呼び声高い『狂戦士』触手船。 狂戦士が降り立つ骸骨船に、特殊なアルミ加工で表面にコーティングを施し、 アンティークゴールドの輝きを放つ黄金バージョンに。 (続) #berserk

— ベルセルク公式ツイッター (@berserk_project) June 19, 2017



Art of War describes it

20th Anniversary Product- Berserk-The Tentacle Ship 2017*Aluminum Coating Gold Version*Remaining few pcs only!

Estimated Delivery Date: around end of September- October, 2017

Limited Manufacture to 30 pcs only!

Pre-order ends on July 10th, 2017(JPT)
This version has bloodshed repainting in the sword, hat part, armor etc. making it feel like more real.

Please kindly understand, we will offer the attachment of “black diamond crystal eye”in skull head to the