Grimoire of Zero Episode 10 Review: The Truth Revealed

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Last episode, I said that Grimoire of Zero is a peculiar case. The flow of the story suggested that its episodic format is serving justice to the anime. I don’t know if that could have been remedied with better directing decisions or even better cliffhangers, but the plot twist of Episode 10 would have been better if Grimoire was a 2-hour movie than a 12-episode anime cour.

Japanese Title: 明かされた真相


Our favorite couple reunites this week in a heartfelt moment that came after Mercenary perfected his Spiderman skills. The tough façade that Zero kept throughout the series broke under the pressure of a sincere apology from Mercenary’s side. Zero is a powerful wizard, but she is also a girl who invested in her relationship with a man who she thought would always be by her side. That’s the only thing she wanted: for Mercenary to stay true to their bond, to their friendship, to the memories they built together. Her tears were the only proof Mercenary needed to help him go back to his witty self, the one that lets Zero drop into his furry arms and rekindle their relationship. Their chemistry is as smooch as ever and the