How huge of an egg sandwich can you get at Subway with 10,000 yen? We found out

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That’s not even a photo of the completed sandwich.

In Japan, restaurants often boas about their “one-coin” lunch specials, referring to meals that cost 500 yen (US$4.50) or less, 500 yen being the largest denomination of coins. On occasion, though, we like to splurge and treat ourselves to a paper-money lunch using the largest member of Japan’s currency clan: the 10,000-yen (US$90) bill.

that doesn’t mean we order anything fancy. On the contrary, we keep to the same low-priced fare we usually eat, but just ask for a ton of it. In the past, we’ve gorged ourselves on 10,000 yen worth of hamburger pickllespork cutlet curry, and tempura shrimp, but this time our quest for gluttonous glory took us to Subway.

With its extensive lineup of veggies and general lack of fried goods, Subway might not seem like the preferred destination of big eaters, but the chain allows you to customize your sandwich with your choice of toppings. On a previous Subway run we loaded up with roast beef,