Ikemen Sengoku Anime's Promo Video Outlines Story

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The official website for Ikemen Sengoku: Toki o Kakeru ga Koi wa Hajimaranai (Ikemen Sengoku: Love Won’t Start By Crossing Through Time), the television anime adaptation of CYBIRD‘s Ikemen Sengoku: Romances Across Time (Ikemen Sengoku: Toki o Kakeru Koi) romance mobile app, began streaming a promotional video for the series on Friday.

The anime will premiere on Tokyo MX on July 12 at 10:10 p.m. Each episode will be five minutes long. The comedy anime will tell the slapstick everyday life stories of the military commanders of the Warring States period. The anime will use 3D models of the characters in the game. The official website describes the story:

My name is Sasuke. I am a graduate student, but one day I am transported through time into the Warring States period. However, this time period is completely different from what I learned in textbooks…

The voice actors from the game are reprising their roles for the anime, including: (Note: Historical character names are written family name first.)

Katsuyuki Konishi will also voice the new character Mōri Motonari.

CYBIRD is credited with the original work, and Shiro Yamada is credited with the original illustrations. Shigeyuki