Japanese diners pick their eight favorite types of sushi, create mouthwatering dinner blueprint

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Japan loves salmon sushi, but there’s one thing these survey respondents like even more.

Not long ago, I read somewhere on the English-language Internet that people in Japan don’t really eat raw salmon. This struck me as weird, since literally every sushi restaurant I’ve eaten in during the last 14 years living in Japan has had salmon on the menu, and there’s no way they all kept the fish on hand just in case some foreign tourists wandered in.

The truth is Japan absolutely loves salmon sushi, and as if its ubiquitous presence in restaurants wasn’t testament enough to that fact, salmon also ranked extremely high in a recent survey by Japanese polling website Minna no Koe which asked respondents what their favorite kind of sushi is. It wasn’t quite the overall favorite, though, so let’s take a look at the list of the top eight picks.

8. unagi (223 votes)