Japanese net users amused by Tirol Chocolate’s unusual but playful way of sharing big news

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Tirol Chocolate, also pronounced as Chiroru Choko in Japan, recently won over fans with their rather unconventional way of announcing that the company president was changing. 

Tirol Chocolate (named for Tyrol, Austria) is one of those beloved dagashi sweets that generation after generation of Japanese children have grown up eating. Costing only 10-30 yen (US$0.09-0.27) per individual piece, even children with a mere pocketful of change can enjoy a few of the hundreds of flavors that the company has churned out over the years.

In fact, it seems that the company executives are children at heart based on the rather unconventional method they chose to recently announce a change in top leadership in the form of a newspaper insert. Take a look at following page which greeted readers of the June 9th issue of the Nikkei Marketing Journal, which was subsequently shared online by Twitter user @kuwamitsuosamu:

▼ “My beloved Chiroru Choko. This notice about the company president changing is beyond awesome!!”

愛するチロルチョコ。社長交代のお知らせもこれで済ましちゃう、素敵すぎ!! https://t.co/SfpZ96wkW1

桑満おさむ (@kuwamitsuosamu) June 08, 2017

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