Kiki’s back! Famous Studio Ghibli anime witch returns in jaw-dropping short animation【Video】

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But it’s not Hayao Miyazaki’s studio providing the magic for this look at Kiki’s life four years after her movie ends.

By the end of the classic Studio Ghibli anime Kiki’s Deliver Service, the titular witch protagonist has had quite an adventure. She’s moved to a new town, struggled with the temporary loss of her magical powers and ensuing identity crises, helped avert tragedy by flying to the rescue during a potential air travel tragedy, and formed some significant personal relationships.

But while that might seem like the perfect spot to roll credits on the film, Kiki herself is only 13 years old at the conclusion of the Hayao Miyazaki-directed film. She’s got a lot of important, emotional moments left in her teens, let alone her life, which brings us to a gorgeous animated short that takes a look at what Kiki is up to at the age of 17.

In contrast to the early 20th century European vibe of the Kiki anime, the video shifts