MANGA.TOKYO Female Staff Summer 2017 Anime Recommendations

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While anime is most of the time a blissfully unisex thing, it can’t be denied that there are still various series that appeal more to the ladies. And we don’t just mean Boys Love! For this reason, the female staff at MANGA.TOKYO have got together and created their own recommendations list for the anime starting this season! These are just the series that our female staff are looking forward to, and are not representative of female otaku in general. What are the series we look are looking forward to the most and why? Read the following ranking!

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10. A Centaur’s Life [Centaur no Nayami]

© 2017 KEI MURAYAMA/TOKUMA SHOTEN/Centaur’s Life Project

What seems like a cute little high school anime with mystical creatures instead of humans turns very real very fast when you hear that our main character is a centaur and has a complex because of her big body. While we might not watch it solely for that reason, it is the kind of worry most of us will feel