One Piece ‒ Episode 793

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There are four seasons in every year: fall, winter, spring and whatever time of year One Piece decides to delve into its increasingly tragic childhood backstories. When it was revealed that Sanji had an entire family he left behind, and that we had heard no word nor seen no trace of them in the entirety of the series, we knew we were going to be in store for a second flashback to the past of the Straw Hats’ lovesick cook. His original backstory about starving on a rock with Zeff remains intact, but it turns out there’s a whole lot of other stuff that happened before that.

The anime continues to stretch less than a chapter’s worth of content to the length of an episode, but the focus makes it work a lot better this week. Even though this arc is all about Sanji, the story’s been taking its sweet time getting back around to him since it started. This week, we’re introduced to the lavish lifestyle that his royal family enjoys, as they try to offer it back to him in favor of his cooperation in marrying Big Mom’s daughter. Sanji’s having none of it, but this scene