Re:CREATORS ‒ Episode 11

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Magane was indeed trolling the audience with that whole “end of Part 1” business at the end of last episode. Since as Yuya puts it, she is a “bag of lies,” that’s entirely fitting for the character and a rather amusing move for the production staff. According to information on the official show’s site, Re:CREATORS should run continuously through at least episode 15, at which point the next special episode will air. So it looks like the weekly goodness will continue for a while yet.

That aside, this episode has been too long in coming for some viewers, as Sota finally spills the beans about Setsuna. At least we get the first part of that reveal, since the episode ends before finishing the flashback. Before that point, Sota gets one final pep talk from probably the least likely source: Rui, who takes him for a ride in Gigas Machina. Rui has had very little face time so far, so seeing him finally get a turn to reveal his own feelings is a welcome move, even if it does smack of just continuing Sota’s tour of interactions with all the Creations, and it’s shy on much foundation for Rui progressing