Room Mate Café Report and Episode 11 Preview Stills and Synopsis

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This week we will update you on the Room Mate collaboration café and also present you the preview stills and synopsis of episode 11.

In the last episode, the guys weren’t able to decide who wins through games. The fireworks festival is here and the three of them announced they would have to tell you ‘something important’. With only two episodes to go, we definitely are at the climax!

Before we come to the stills and synopsis, we want to update you on the cafe in collaboration with the Princess Café. The dishes there are like straight out of the anime. And visiting it is the only way to get the limited edition coasters and goods.

The collaboration café in Akihabara will be open until 30 June 2017.
After that it will open at the Princess Café Ikebukuro (1-20 July 2017) and Princess Café Osaka Shinkan (11-20 July 2017). For more details, please check the links below (Japanese only).

The inside of the Princess Café x Room Mate Collaboration Café

Aoi’s Fuwa Fuwa Melon Soda – 500 yen

Limited goods. One of 12 badges at random for 300 yen

Episode 11 The