Sakura Saber

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Blossoms all around.
Will they bloom beautifully,
or will they wither.

From the Holy Grail War that featured in ‘Koha-Ace EX’ comes a rerelease of the 1/8th scale figure of the mysterious yet beautiful saber class servant – Sakura Saber!

The hakama she is wearing has been sculpted in careful detail, and makes use of a beautiful gradient of pinks and reds, showing just why she is known as Sakura Saber. She holds her beloved sword drawn, posed slicing through the air in a dynamic pose that fans are sure to enjoy by their side!

Made at GSC’s ‘Lucky Factory’ in Tottori, Japan.

The rerelease of this product will be made at Good Smile Company’s ‘Lucky Factory’ in Tottori, Japan. The product will be proudly ‘Made in Japan’, and sent all over the world for fans to enjoy!