The Eccentric Family 2 ‒ Episode 11

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Well, that sure was an adventure. With Yasaburo and Kaisei captured and Yaichiro’s election thrown into question, this episode offered a rambling ride through the world of Eccentric Family, giving almost everyone a moment in the spotlight. The Eccentric Family‘s second season isn’t really coming together with the same narrative and thematic grace as its predecessor, but it’s still offering plenty of thrills just the same. Nothing demonstrates the magic of family quite like Yaichiro turning into a tiger and headbutting a flying train.

But before we got there, Yaichiro first had an election to attend. Thematically speaking, I felt Soun’s scheme was perfectly in line with what he represents in the show. Just as his attempted ascension in the first season reflected a betrayal of his brother, and his move toward the Friday Club represented a betrayal of tanuki society (though in retrospect, that whole plot seemed more like a feint), his new plan this week stood as a betrayal of his own son. Like Benten, Soun’s feelings of victimhood have turned him into a dark creature, someone who actively rages against The Eccentric Family’s belief in family itself.

On the other hand, his ultimate scheme felt close