The Eccentric Family 2: Details About the Dai Uchoten-sai ’17

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The Eccentric Family (Uchoten Kazoku) isn’t over yet!
On 15 October 2017 there will be more at the Katayanagi Arena (Nippon Engineering College, Kamata Campus). The curtains to this original story by Morimi Tomihiko will rise to tell you everything about tanuki that you need to know. On the day of the event, the cast will be present as well. The event will be an exclusive fan event, only open to fans and only on that day, the media must stay outside. Another special thing about this venue is that any fan who might want to come will be able to, as the tickets are not given away in a lottery but instead a big venue was booked with the goal to fit all the fans who want to participate. Tickets will be sold on a first-come-first-served basis to anybody who has bought the Blu-ray box of the series. Even though the goal is to fit all the fans, we can’t guarantee anything so better book the ticket earlier than later!

The show will be a talkshow where the cast talks about many things of The Eccentric Family, including season 1. Milktub, artist of the opening theme, and fhána, artist of