The Irregular at Magic High School Movie: The Girl Who Summons the Stars

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When the TV series of The irregular at magic high school first aired in 2014, its highly technical magic system and overpowered protagonist proved to be polarizing. The anime’s dry visual presentation and clumsy pacing only made it more divisive. Even the diehard light novel fans would probably admit that the TV series was not a very accessible adaptation of Tsutomu Sato’s notoriously dense novels.

The movie is a different beast, however. It tells an original story unconstrained by the exposition-heavy style of its source material, so it works much better in animated form because of that. The technical explanations are short and to the point, never interrupting the flow of the story while still providing enough context that the viewer can understand each major plot point, and every scene pushes the narrative forward to its action-heavy climax.

The result is about what you would expect from a franchise movie—The irregular at magic high school The Movie: The Girl Who Summons the Stars is a popcorn flick featuring some cool action set pieces within a largely unremarkable standalone plot. It would be easy to call it the most accessible entry of the franchise if it wasn’t so obviously written with