This Week in Anime – Mostly Blood

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Michelle Liu got into anime in middle school through Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan and somehow liked it enough to stick around. When she’s not loudly proclaiming her love of Sayo Yamamoto, she talks about figure skating and strange children’s shows.

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That’s what I wanna know! Summer’s just around the corner. At least a bunch of Spring stuff is carrying over? Except for one particularly gargantuan title.

Yeah, I think somebody forgot to tell Titan there’s only 2 weeks left in the season too. Hell, isn’t next episode the finale?

Yeeeeeeep, we’re in this season’s endgame ALREADY. Heck!

The last episode better just be Eren’s dad showing up and explaining everything because I refuse to wait another four years.

Maybe the Titan that swallowed Mama Jaeger will have the answers.

God damn though, that episode was a rush of emotional highs. 104th members confronting the people who betrayed them, and then that fuckin cliffhanger.

For reals, the back half of this season has been just mocking me with more questions and mysteries and vagaries.

Hopefully this time