Tsuki ga Kirei First 10 Episodes Available on Youtube!

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The twelfth and final episode of Tsuki ga Kirei will air on 29 June 2017. And with the end so near, Flying Dog have decided to upload the first 10 episodes of the anime to their Youtube channel for everybody to watch for free. All episodes will be made available between 20 June – 11 July 2017. Episode 11 will air on 22 June 2017 and be uploaded on Youtube on the same day.

Episode 1: Spring and Hard Times https://youtu.be/ygfsl0rQta0

Episode 2: A Handful of Sand https://youtu.be/5H4NRY2t–c
Episode 3: Howling at the Moon https://youtu.be/LQxOjatXniA
Episode 4: Passing Shower https://youtu.be/5ij2be8JuQ0
Episode 5: Kokoro https://youtu.be/6lPSNnhYiaQ
Episode 6: Run, Melos! https://youtu.be/YHEERWpiaZI
Episode 6.5: First Half: The Road So Far https://youtu.be/hZqIZYnEUuQ
Episode 7: Hold Back Nothing When Taking Love https://youtu.be/uJ8I2b0J8us
Episode 8: Vita Sexualis https://youtu.be/EINTtwdljmA
Episode 9: The Wind Rises https://youtu.be/44q0O7bYTho
Episode 10: The Setting Sun https://youtu.be/cptTrmcCpUs

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