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The anime adaptation of the popular comic written by Kazuya Minekura, Saiyuki RELOAD BLAST, serialized in Ichijinsha’s Monthly Comic ZERO-SUM will be broadcast from July 2017.
On Saturday 17 June at TOHO Cinemas Roppongi Hills, there was a special advanced screening of the first and second episodes as well as the announcement of the sale of the drama CD, a project to celebrate the work’s 20th anniversary, and a collaboration with a cafe.
The cafe collaboration will be held at AnimePlaza Ikebukuro, Machida, and Sapporo from Friday 7 July until Sunday 6 August 2017.
The cafes are scheduled to have floor decorations featuring illustrations from the TV anime Saiyuki RELOAD BLAST, a special collaboration menu, and presents. (Japanese only)

Also, the stills and recording comments from the first episode of the anime Saiyuki RELOAD BLAST, to be aired from Wednesday 5 July, have arrived!

Episode 1 stills and recording comments! New guest characters setting pictures!!

TV anime Saiyuki RELOAD BLAST Episode 1 Outline

【Episode 1 Sudden Wind】
Screenplay: Kenji Konuta
Storyboard: Itto Sara
Director: Hiroyuki Okuno
General Art Director:Yoko Sato, Toshimitsu Kobayashi
Art Director: Mina Ito

A singe horse-drawn carriage hurries along a mountain road. On the way back, four men saved villagers when they were being attacked by monsters, they were the Sanzo troupe.
As thanks for saving them, the villages led the troupe to the village but…

Cast comment

Question 1: Tell us your impression of the character you play.
Question 2: Please send a message for all those waiting anxiously for the TV anime Saiyuki RELOAD BLAST.

Toshihiko Seki (Genjo Sanzo):

① This haughty character who is always in a bad mood is of course alive and well in this work.
The line Sanzo says frankly when getting in the bath at an inn, ‘I’ll go in by myself so you three go in together’, is a what we call his vivid reputation, I think [laugh].
When I am acting… let’s see. It feels like, especially when there are scenes where there are no lines, I am ‘unconsciously conscious’ of pouring emotion into it.

② If we are speaking about the making of the work, just as how there are the lines for the Sanzo troupe, in this TV anime adaptation of Saiyuki RELOAD BLAST, there is an overflowing of exotic atmosphere.
I think that you can see a bit of an ethnic touch in the background scenery, the villagers clothes, and the scenery of the buildings and rooms.
This is hinting that The Sanzo troupe have begun to close in on their destination in the west. Director Nakano and all the staff members are working hard! Please enjoy that aspect as well.

Soichiro Hoshi (Son Goku):

① Goku was cute as usual [laugh]. When he is with the Sanzo troupe I get the strong impression that he is like a mascot but there are many times in the manga where he is drawn so serious and looks so cool that it surprises you, so I want to be conscious of that when acting.

② I think this adaptation of Saiyuki RELOAD BLAST will be one that combins many charms. I want Saiyuki’s unique atmosphere to be fully experienced. To all those who were waiting and to those who will get to know Saiyuki from now on, please enjoy it!

Hiroaki Hirata (Sha Gojyo):

① It felt like it was the same old Gojyo.
In terms of acting, it is a work with a long storyline so I paid attention to not make him seem like he had aged.

② We have kept you waiting for so long! I think you all got tired of waiting but I will go on a rampage adding lines to the animation so please enjoy the show!

Akira Ishida (Cho Hakkai):

① He’s still the always smiling, guardian-type character. I also hope to become as mentally strong as Hakkai.

② For those who waited and waited for the reunion of the Saiyuki anime version, it’s really a case of ‘Good things come to those who wait.’ Those who believe will be saved. We, who were given a mother chance, will see how close to India we can get. Please watch this trip to the end as well.

Yuki Kaji (Tamuro):

① I acted with the image of a person trying to overcome a painful past but unable to get a good balance between his heart and reason and in a mental state that he can’t quite organize well. I was conscious of the fact that he is not quite an adult but no longer a child. I expressed the inner workings of that delicate and complex age.

② Someone like me talking about the charms of the work is presumptuous [laugh]. In any case, it has subdued and cool drama, and hearing the work of my senpai, I’m sure you can enjoy it. Don’t miss it!

Haruhi Nanao (Rei):

① Rei does not speak even once. Everything is in the one song that she sings. It was a very difficult role.

② It was a long time since seeing Sanzo and everyone last and they were cute, cool, and amazing as expected! Just like the subtitle of Saiyuki RELOAD BLAST’s first episode is ‘Sudden Wind’, I think they will sweep you off your feet. ❤ Please enjoy it!

Chiwa Saito (Taruchie):

①At the moment, she is a very mysterious girl. Her lines all seem to have a deep meaning and I am personally very excited to see what kind of story will develop.

②It is impertinent of a new student like me to say this but just like all the fans imagine, it is quite cool! Please look forward to it. It really is very cool! (second time)

Junichi Suwabe (Saitaisai):

① In any case he is a very mysterious person. Even from his appearance he doesn’t seem like a normal person… It seems like everything starts from now!

② I don’t even have to say it, I’m sure everyone knows Saiyuki’s charms. In this work as well, you can have a fill of the sexy, cool, and cute guys. Please look forward to it!

New guest characters setting pictures

Tamuro (Yuki Kaji)

A young boy who lives in the village in the west.
While understand the village’s circumstances, he opposes the villagers who ignore Rei.

Rei (Haruhi Nanao)

She is a woman who lives in the village whose her husband was killed by monsters.
She is considered a burden by the villagers who live hiding from monsters.

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