Answerman – What Is Uyoku Dantai?

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Manuel asks:

I’ve recently watched the last three episodes of Highschool of the Dead, where it introduces Saya’s parents and their supporters, then I read that in the original manga they’re actually a group called Uyoku Dantai, and they needed to be toned down for the anime adaptation since their views are considered politically incorrect in Japan. What exactly is this group, and is it really such a hot-button topic there?

Uyoku Dantai isn’t one group, but rather the category of Japan’s far-right nationalist groups, of which there are over 1,000, with membership of over 100,000. The Uyoku Dantai have been around since the Meiji restoration (they were originally out-of-work disgruntled samurai), and generally aren’t super popular with most people you meet on the street. They drive around streets in black trucks equipped with megaphones, blasting propaganda at passers-by. “Why are you wearing Western clothes, you’re supposed to be Japanese!!” “We should’ve won the war!!” They stage protest rallies outside of embassies (targeting China and Korea of course, as well as Russia).

There’s a lot of differences between the different Uyoku Dantai groups. Nearly all of them hate communism and the Japanese teacher’s union. Some characterize Japan as a