Bushiroad Posts 1st Video for Granadia Saga Smartphone Game

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Bushiroad launched a website for its upcoming Granadia Saga smartphone game last week. The site began streaming the game’s first promotional video, which previews the game’s story, characters, battle system, and multiplayer.

The game will have a fully voiced story. The cast includes (Note: Romanizations are not official):

Haruki Ishiya as Evan, a knight of Arvur

Katsuyuki Konishi as Myrtle, Evan’s uncle

Marina Inoue as Alicia, a princess of Celesta

Junichi Suwabe as Keefer, Alicia’s close aide

Wataru Hatano as Leonid, a prince of Belmeria

Sora Tokui as Rosetta, Leonid’s bodyguard and adviser

Atsushi Abe as Orkis, a prince of Arvur

Kana Ueda as Kokuriko, a Northeria refugee

Reina Kondo as Bell, a servant of Orkis, and the game’s helper character

The game is slated for release on iOS and Android this year.

Shinnosuke Hino (character designer for Spectral Force, Dragon Force, character illustrator for Guilty Gear XX) is the main character designer for the game. Takumi Miyajima (Tales of the Abyss, script for Fate/Zero anime) is in charge of the game’s world, and he is the main scenario writer.

The fantasy simulation RPG will focus on a conflict between three countries. The game will feature turn-based battles