Clean Freak! Aoyama-kun Review: Aoyama-kun, Do you remember?

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Memory is strange and nostalgia is a powerful feeling. It stirs a powerful gamut of emotions: pain, pleasure, warmth, home. This week, Aoyama-kun must weather the storm of memories, while the wistful waves of wanton desire strikes a frenzy into his team…and life. Stick around for the week’s review of Clean Freak! Aoyama-kun!

Japanese Title: 青山くんは覚えてる?


It seems like everything was going to be okay in Aoyama’s life. He’d just made it into the high school soccer team, dodged the forceful recruiting techniques of Takechi’s abs, and a friendship was beginning to blossom between Zaizen and himself. I’m sad to say that after some innocent locker room banter, this was all about to change.

There are two situations that occur in this episode. The first is the mystery of the clean locker room. Someone is cleaning the soccer team’s locker room, but it isn’t Aoyama. The boys don’t seem too concerned about the who, but it’s a strange occurrence. Aoyama keeps receiving stuffed cat dolls in his locker. The question is…will he remember? I don’t want to spoil too much.

The second arc in this episode is the allure of Aoyama’s towel. This towel is rumored to smell incredible.