CoroCoro's 40th Anniversary Celebrates New Generation of Pokémon, Doraemon, and More

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If you’ve ever been a kid in Japan, you’ve probably heard of CoroCoro Comic, the biggest manga magazine aimed at elementary schoolboys. It currently serializes the manga versions of Pokémon, Beyblade, and Yōkai Watch, among other popular children’s franchises, and each issue is often packaged with toys, games, and other exclusives. For example, the original Pokémon Blue version was initially available only to people who bought the CoroCoro magazine and filled in a mail-order form for a limited time.

CoroCoro’s biggest claim to fame, however, is that it’s the flagship magazine for Doraemon. Although the manga was first published in 1969 in multiple different magazines, it became so popular that it necessitated its own monthly magazine. Monthly CoroCoro Comic was established in 1977 primarily to showcase Doraemon, and although the magazine has since hosted other big mainstay series, Doraemon’s iconic first cover is still remembered today.

Like many of the other big manga magazines of its vintage, CoroCoro reached its peak circulation in the 90s, but it’s still a highly influential and beloved publication to this day. The magazine has been announcing various events and projects over the past few months to celebrate its 40th year anniversary (including an original