Cosplay Yokocho: Tokyo alley where customers eat and drink in cosplay costumes

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With photo booths, cosplaying staff, and costume rental for diners, this is one of the most unusual food courts you’ll find in Japan.

The word “yokocho”, or “alley” is often used in Japan to refer to a narrow side street lined with izakaya taverns and restaurants, all clustered together in a small space to create a lively atmosphere filled with the sound of happy diners.

Usually, the customers at these restaurants are dressed in everyday wear, with businessmen often stopping by after a long day at work to unwind before catching the last train home. For those who know where to look, though, there’s a very different kind of yokocho where office suits look entirely out of place, and it’s called Cosplay Yokocho.

▼ Cosplay Alley recently opened on 23 June in Uguisudani in Tokyo’s Taito Ward.

コスプレ横丁の新しい看板が出来ました!! 目印にしてね(*^ω^*) #コスプレ #コスプレ横丁 #鶯谷 #鶯谷コスプレ横丁

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Here you’ll find up to 30 waitstaff dressed up as characters from some of the country’s most popular anime, manga and game franchises.

完全なる隠し撮り…(笑) かき氷はじめました~ コスプレ横丁本日も元気に出勤中 #コスプレ横丁

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Customers can choose from a wide selection of various dishes, with teppanyaki restaurants, seafood specialists, cake sellers and