“Dies Irae” Anime Characters Designs Previewed

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Following a blockbuster crowdfunding campaign visual novel series Dies irae is now set to become a fall TV anime. Along with news that the series will be broadcast on TOKYO MX and BS11 in Japan starting in October, a NicoNico webcast has offered a preview of the series’ character designs. 


 Ren Fujii – Kousuke Toriumi


Marie – Yui Sakakibara 


Kasumi Ayase – Ayaka Fukuhara


Rea Himuro – Hitomi Nabatame


Shirou Yusa – Takeshi Maeda



Director: Susumu Kudou  (K, Mardock Scramble)
Series Composition, Script: Takashi Masada 
Character Designer: Takaaki Fukuyo 
Animation Production: ACGT






J-List described the premise:

As the Soviet Union marches on Berlin in May of 1945, a secretive group of sorcerers and madmen gathers to perform a terrible ritual. They care nothing for the fate of the Reich. To them, the countless lives lost in the battle are the perfect sacrifice to fuel their spell. After the war, they vanish and are not heard from again, except in rumor. One day, it is whispered, they will return. And on that day, the world will end. Fear the demons in human form. Fear the Longinus Dreizehn Orden.

Flash forward to present-day Japan. Fujii