Failing Idol Finds Success When Paired with Talking Mattress in New Manga

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The world of a successful idol has a myriad of pitfalls from romantic relationship restrictions, paparazzi rumors, to outright crazed fans. In the manga Umō 100% ~Uchi no Aishō ga “Neshin” Sugite Nemui. (100% Feathers ~My Partner is Too “Sleepy”), Senko has barely managed to get her foot in the door.

She’s longed to be an idol from a young age, and even studied them until she managed to launch a solo career as an “underground idol.” One day, her producer Kaneko suggests that Senko unite with another idol to form “Kakumei no Lullaby” (Lullaby Revolution). At first, Senko was reluctant but she’s even more surprised when her partner’s identity is revealed to be a talking futon, Futon-chan.

Creator Datarō launched the manga on the web magazine Comic S+ on Monday. The next chapter will go up on July 24.

Source: Comic Natalie