Fall Anime Urahara Reveals Key Visual, Cast and Staff

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Urahara is a TV anime due to air this fall, which has revealed its main cast, main visuals and staff. The anime is based on the illustrated novel Park: Harajuku Crisis Team!, which is being serialized on Crunchyroll.

The science fiction story is set in Harajuku, and focuses on the shop ‘Park’, which is all about current fashion, otaku and creation. Three girls fight against an invasion of aliens called Scoopers, who have come to steal the culture of Earth. Cast for the three main characters were Luna Haruna as Rito, Sumire Uesaka as Mari and Manaka Iwami as Kotoko. The anime will be produced by Shirogumi x EMT Squared. Kubo Amica is directing the movie, Natsuko Takahashi is in charge of the series composition and Mariko Fujita is doing the character design.

This is the first anime produced by streaming service Crunchyroll, which has over 20 million users worldwide. It is a joint project with China’s Bilibili, which means the series can be viewed worldwide.

<Comment from the Cast> ■Luna Haruna (Rito Sudo)

Being a voice actress, that means to breath life into a character like you’re some kind of God, right?
Is this a dream? Is it okay for