Fast Fingers and Clean Freaks: Get Hooked on This Summer’s New Anime!

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Ever wanted to join a club or team, but felt like something about you prevented you from doing it? The protagonists of this week’s new series in The Hook is here to prove you wrong, with a germophobe soccer player and a quizmaster with social anxiety. What’s great about these new series, and what will get you hooked? Let’s take a look!


Clean Freak! Aoyama-kun

Or Cleanliness Boy! Aoyama-kun, if you follow the title screen. Either way, our title character is obsessed with keeping things clean. He won’t drink out of someone else’s sports bottle, he refuses to tackle anyone, and he won’t handle a soccer ball unless he’s wearing rubber gloves. And yet, somehow, he’s Fujimi High’s prize player… to the point that other schools want to win him away.


Coach Miwa may let Aoyama-kun do as he pleases, but fellow player Kaoru can’t stomach it. Kaoru loves soccer, so much so that he’ll take a hit to the face if it means denying his opponents a goal. He can’t stand Aoyama-kun’s behavior, and he’s probably more than a little annoyed at how much the team’s resident germophobe is loved by the girls.


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