Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto

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Final Fantasy XV‘s DLC didn’t get off to a great start. Coming off a tremendously flawed launch where certain aspects of the game—you already know which ones—felt anywhere from “half-baked” to “completely unfinished,” the notion of turning around and paying for additional story segments to fill out the patchy plot of the original seemed pretty sketchy, especially once you factor in how the promised “improvements” to the infamous Chapter 13 basically served as a glorified commercial for Episode Gladiolus. Then the episode itself was a one-note plot featuring an entirely linear set of combat challenges that was over inside of an hour. The best you can offer Episode Gladiolus is a shrug and sigh about it only being five dollars.

Episode Prompto is also five dollars, and while it is certainly small it’s a much more interesting, engaging addition to the world of FF15. Focusing on the most apparently carefree of 15’s boy band of brothers, Episode Prompto is able to expand the plot and explore the backstory of that character in a way that feels pretty organic, adding a nifty—if often clunky—gameplay system that’s totally different from anything in the main quest.

If you haven’t finished FF15, you should