Honda Collaboration Offers Test Drive Through Shonen Jump's Manga World

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Honda is collaborating with Shueisha‘s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine to promote its New Fit car and celebrate the magazine’s 50th anniversary. Honda began streaming a promotional video for the collaboration on Monday.

The collaboration’s official website features the text “Don’t stay.” in English and “Keep Running.” in Japanese. The collaboration seeks to highlight the joint goal of the car company and manga magazine to pursue dreams and continue to evolve.

A collaboration exhibit will debut at Tokyo’s Roppongi Hills complex on Thursday. In addition to promotional displays showcasing the car, the event will offer visitors the chance to experience a “virtual drive” through the world of manga. In the experience, people will sit in the driver’s seat of a New Fit and play a game while art from the magazine’s manga appears in the front window. The experience will feature 15 manga titles such as Dragon Ball and One Piece. The exhibit will also display a car wrapped in Shonen Jump character art.

The event will run at Roppongi Hills’ O-yane Plaza from July 6 to July, and at its Hills Cafe from from July 15 to August 27.

The Roppongi Hills complex’s Tokyo