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Karada Sagashi is based on the cellphone novel by Welzard and the manga adaptation by Katsutoshi Murase. It will get an anime adaptation and the cast has been announced.

It is a survival horror story, where high school students are looking for the body of a classmate, which has been scattered around the school. Asuka (voiced by Kana Asumi) joins the ‘Karada Sagashi’ after she keeps seeing a ghost telling her to look for her body. But hunting her down is the Red Person (voiced by Aimi Tanaka) who would kill those that are alone at school. You can find a full list of the cast below.

The anime will be produced by Production I.G and available through the Smartphone Application Tate Anime starting 31 July 2017. Shonen Jump+ will release comments from the cast every Friday.

Tate Anime Karada Sagashi Cast

Kana Asumi as Asuka Morisaki
Takyua Eguchi as Takahiro Ise
Reina Aoyama as Rumiko Hiiragi
Kotaro Nishiyama as as Shota Uranishi
Madoka Asahina as Rie Naruto
Yuichiro Umehara as Kenji Sugimoto
Tamaki Orie as Haruka Mikami
Aimi Tanaka as Red Person
Aoi Koga as School Announcer

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