Hot-selling Nintendo Switch at core of heart-warming tale of cross-generational gamer generosity

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Put down those Jog-Cons and grab some tissues.

Nintendo often seems to be at the center of an inordinately large portion of the feel-good stories that come out of the video gaming world. Some of that is due to Nintendo’s unwaveringly warm, kid-friendly image, and some of it is the payoff of decades of happy memories that have been accumulated by grown-up gamers.

But the really special times are when different generations of Nintendo fans come into contact with one another and share a heartwarming moment, like the one relayed by Japanese Twitter user @look245_ragira in a series of now-protected tweets.

Nintendo’s Switch has been on the market for months, but that doesn’t mean it’s on store shelves in Japan very often. Retailers are still selling out of the system almost as soon as shipments come in, so @look245_ragira knew he’d just gotten extremely lucky when he walked into a shop and learned that they had exactly one Switch still in stock.

But while the salesclerk was ringing up @look245_ragira’s purchase, he