Is it OK to take your girlfriend to Yoshinoya on a date?

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Japanese Internet users discuss the possibility of love amongst the beef bowls.

Yoshinoya is Japan’s most prolific chain of gyudon (beef bowl) restaurants. With locations seemingly everywhere, many dishing up hot, inexpensive meals 24 hours a day, Yoshinoya is always a viable dining choice for busy businesspeople, starving students, or ravenous revelers looking for mid-all-nighter nourishment.

But is it an acceptable place to go on a date? That’s the debate Japanese Twitter user @saoryu0420 set off with this tweet.

デートで吉野家とか嫌がる女性ってのもまぁわかる。 でも、 彼女「お昼は吉野家で良いよ」 彼氏「そんな場所で良いの?」 彼女「どこで何を食べるかよりも誰と食べるかが重要だから」 こう言う女性の方が確実に今の男にモテるのは確か

おちんぽ大陸弾道ミサイルのりまき (@saoryu0420) June 27, 2017

“You know, I understand women who don’t like the idea of going to Yoshinoya on a date. But women who say things like this are definitely popular with guys nowadays.

Girlfriend: “For lunch, Yoshinoya is fine.”
Boyfriend: “Are you really OK with a place like that?”
Girlfriend: “Who you eat with is more important than where you eat, you know.”

It’s true that a flexible attitude will almost always help your standing in the dating pool, regardless of gender. Still, some online