J-World Celebrates Ginatama Movie. Try Hijikata’s Mayonnaise Bowl!

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The event ‘Tanomu Kara! Eiga Gintama no Kokuchi ni Kyouroku shite Kudasaiiiii!!! in J-World’ (‘We’re begging you! Help us advertise the Gintama movieeeee!!! in J-World’) for the upcoming live action movie Gintama will be held in Tokyo’s J-World between 14 July – 3 September 2017.

At the event, there will be an original trailer screening on the ‘Trailer Channel’. If the visitors move according to the directions on the monitor, they can even see themselves become a part of the movie. And for the mini-game ‘Koro Koro Just Away’ you can win special can badges and other limited goods. And a new game called ‘Gintama Jinsei Iroiro Game in J-World Tokyo’ was announced as well, which was announced to be like a short board-game.

And in the food corner, you can find a revamped version of the past collaboration menu. One of them will be the mayonnaise-bowl with mashed potatoes that look like a whole bowl of pure mayonnaise, along with Gintoki’s sweet red bean rice bowl (it’s actually a dessert, don’t worry).

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