Jojo’s Escape from a Bizarre Amusement Park at Tokyo Dome City Attractions

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'First Published on Manga. Tokyo'

On Sunday 9 July, there was an press event to announce the opening of a ‘realistic escape game’ based on the extremely popular TV anime Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures: Diamond Is Unbreakable Chapter 1. Kento Yamazaki, who plays the lead of the movie, attended the event.

Before the event, Yamazaki was asked about his experience with Jojo’s Escape from a Bizarre Amusement Park. He said, ‘I’ve been going to amusement parks from a very young age. It’s fun to enjoy Jojo’s world in a familiar environment, wander around the premises writing keywords and going through mazes. When I solved the puzzle I was very happy.’ When he was asked which of his co-stars would be good at the realistic escape game, he said, ‘Takayuki Yamada likes games so I think he would be good at it. Ryunosuke Kamiki is also very smart so he seems like he would solve the puzzles easily.’

He experienced the game onstage. Then he said, ‘In the realistic escape game, it feels like you have entered the world of Jojo so it was fun. I would like you all to enjoy the attraction and the movie.’

Also, when asked about the movie and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures: