Kakegurui Episode 2 Review: Boring Woman

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You can almost feel the thrill of the game in Kakegurui crawling up your skin. In the halls of Hyakkaou Academy, weakness is unacceptable. Power and money is all that matters and the evil student council is there to enforce the rules, even if that means being a little rough on the edges when it comes to transparency.

Japanese Title: つまんない女


If we had any doubts of what will happen in the rest of the season, this episode made sure to put them all to rest. Jabami is going to face one evil student council member in each episode (or a lackey of the student council) and climb her way to the top. Not that our psychopathic girl cares much about power and money. She is in for the thrill and what’s more exciting than winning all these damn bitches (and one boy if the megane-kuso was the only one in the council) in their own game? Just picture that ending sequence again. Yumeko-crazy-chan doesn’t care about anything. She walks carelessly as she throws her hands in the air and her breasts greet us graciously. She is free. She cares about nothing but getting that sweet orgasm-like tinkling she