Kawaii Monster Cafe Harajuku’s New Colorful Menu has Arrived!

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Kawaii Monster Cafe Harajuku welcomes its second anniversary in August 2017.
In celebration of the anniversary, it was announced that there would be a limited time special set menu from 15 July until 3 September.
‘Choppy Performance Time’, featuring the store’s mascot character also begins. Also, in preparation for the rise in foreigners with the 2020 Olympics, the ‘monster concierge’ will also be introduced.

The colorful menu is overwhelming every time it is announced, but this time curry and udon will become colorful! Please go and taste the never-before-seen colorful food and flavors.

‘Choppy Perfomance Time’

‘Choppy Perfomance Time’
Kawaii Monster Cafe

Official website: http://kawaiimonster.jp

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