Love and Lies Episode 2 Review: A Small Lie

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After the intense build-up of the previous episode of Love and Lies, I was looking forward to watching what would happen during Ririna and Yukari’s first meeting. Let’s just say that Ririna’s behavior was a little bit… unexpected.

Japanese Original Episode Title: 小さな嘘


Yukari is kicked out of school for the day and pushed to meet his future wife. In the meantime, Takazaki makes sure to let him know that she hates him and wants nothing to do with him other than keep their meeting in her memories. Yukari meets his future wife Ririna. She thinks he is a rude dork and during a brief tête-à-tête between the two he spews out everything about his love for Takazaki. Ririna is intrigued, they fake making up and she encourages him to accept her help to find out Takazaki’s true feelings about him. Ririna invites Yukari over to her school, he somehow ends up looking at her panties (of course) and they then see Takazaki walking by, so Ririna stops her, invites her out and starts asking her about Yukari, while he eavesdrops. Takazaki confesses her love along with a bunch of too-much-information sort of details and after she leaves, Ririna considers her to be her first friend (seriously?) and asks Yukari to try and kiss her again.

Episode Highlights

Marriage is more important than school: Yukari’s teacher makes sure to tell him that coming to school IS NOT AS IMPORTANT AS MEETING YOU FUTURE ARRANGED PARTNER, and I, I wanted to gauge my eyes out. The day I hear this in a non-fictional context, there will be blood.

Takazaki lies AGAIN: Chickening out of the responsibility of having feelings for Yukari, somehow thinking this would make him happier or just plainly avoiding convenience, Takazaki is full of shit when it comes to speaking to Yukari one more time. This is definitely not a good sign, mate.

Ririna is hardcore: Impulsive, rude, and physically aggressive, Ririna is the exact opposite of what the story of her pink ponytails, top-student performance, and social awkwardness has to tell.

Completely unexpected: Yukari fell on Ririna! WHAT A MIND BOGGLING INNOVATION IN ANIME PRODUCTION! I’m still waiting for this to happen to me, hopefully not with someone who weighs more than my bones can support. And who hopefully showers consistently.

Ririna and Yukari’s selfie: Absolutely hilarious.

WC Donald’s: I think this one kind of speaks for itself. I wonder what food they serve and if they cook in the restrooms and relieve themselves in the kitchen. Fascinating.

Themes and Trivia

Yukari’s dad: Reminds me of every generic goofy glasses anime character I have ever seen. I spent quite a bit of time trying to remember exactly who, but I can’t; he just reminds me of everyone.

Edo period: Referred to by the lady that owns the inn, the Edo period is the period between 1603 and 1868 in the history of Japan. The period was characterized by economic growth, strict social order, isolationist foreign policies, a stable population, ‘no more wars’, and popular enjoyment of arts and culture.

Japanese arranged marriage tradition: also known as ‘Miai’, the Japanese tradition of matchmaking refers to exactly what is going on in this episode during Yukari and Ririna’s meeting. Well, a slightly more contemporary version of that.

Japanese apology tradition: also known as dogeza, is the proper way to apologize in Japanese tradition, even though it is not considered an everyday thing, rather than an extreme way of demonstrating remorse. It’s what Yukari fails to do properly.


Slightly underwhelming emotionally, I suppose this episode is aiming to prepare us for the tension that will be taking place in the next episode of the season. I hope there will be much more romance and much less tomfoolery.

Don’t meddle in other people’s love lives

…is what advice I would give to Ririna if I could. It never, ever ends well for anyone.

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