Made in Abyss Episode 1 Review: The City of the Great Pit

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Riko and Reg: While I expressed my concerns for the general attitude of the Cave Raiders towards their lives, I do admire Riko’s strength of heart. She lost her mother to the Abyss, and I think children would normally develop a trauma to what caused their parents’ death. But Riko, she didn’t seem fazed at all, but even wanted to reach the depth that her mother went to in the Void. Even if she did mope around at first and/or this is just her way to cope, it’s still an amazing feat for me. On the other hand, Reg is so mysterious! From how Riko described him, it seems he really is a robot, but he himself didn’t know about it! Even if a robot lost its memories, would it naturally assume it’s human? I’m also quite bothered that we won’t know if his memory loss was from his collapse or from the electric shock. It would be really frustrating if it was the latter! As a side note, where Riko got Reg’s name was so funny! I just hope she doesn’t treat him like her dog, though.

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