Mamoru Miyano, Voice of Ajin’s Kei Nagai, To Voice IBM in Live-Action Movie

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'First Published on Manga. Tokyo'

It has been revealed that Mamoru Miyano, who voiced the protagonist Kei Nagai in the anime adaptation of Gamon Sakurai’s Ajin, will make a voice cameo in the live action movie adaptation.

Ajin was adapted into a series of anime movies in November 2015 and a TV anime series from January 2016. Miyano will play the IBM (Invisible Black Matter) of protagonist Kei Nagai (played by Takeru Satoh in the live-action movie). IBM can only be handled by Ajin (demi-humans) and Kei’s can manifest into a humanoid form. Regarding his casting in the live-action movie, Miyano said that he was both happy and surprised. He also said that the IBM from the movie has a special impact that is only possible in the live action version. You can also hear Miyano doing the narration for the movie trailer.

Ajin is a battle and suspense manga that follows a species of immortal demi-humans called ‘Ajin’ that are wanted by the government. Takeru Satoh plays Kei Nagai, who finds out he is an Ajin after getting run over by a truck, and Go Ayano plays Sato, an immortal terrorist who crosses paths with Kei. The live action version of Ajin will be