Mimi Meme Mimi Music Group Disbands, Voice Actress Yuki Takao Retires in September

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The members of the music group Mimi Meme MIMI announced on their official website on Tuesday that they are disbanding after the “Mimi Meme MIMI Live 2017 ~Bon Voyage!~” concert on September 9. In addition, group member and voice actress Yuki Takao will retire from the entertainment industry.

In the announcement, the Mimi Meme MIMI members thanked their fans and staff who supported them. For their future work, the members said that they would still like to express their feelings, but in a different form.

Mimi Meme MIMI consists of voice actress Yuki Takao and illustrator Chamooi. The group debuted with their “Sentimental Love” single in 2013, the title track of which also served as the opening theme song for the A Town Where You Live anime. Takao also debuted as a voice actress in the anime, playing the character Nanami Kanzaki. Chamooi draws the illustrations for the group’s songs. Since their debut, the group has released eight singles and two albums.

The group performed the theme songs for such anime as Blade & Soul, Nozo × Kimi, Ane Log, Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches, Sweetness & Lightning, and the second ending theme song for Akiba’s Trip: The Animation.