Mitsudomoe, Magical Girl Apocalypse Manga End on August 12

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Setoutsumi manga gets “important announcement”; Sunset Rose manga also ends

This year’s August issue of Akita Shoten‘s Bessatsu Shōnen Champion magazine is revealing on Wednesday that Norio Sakurai‘s Mitsudomoe and Kentarō Satō‘s Magical Girl Apocalypse (Mahō Shōjo of the End) manga will end in the magazine’s September issue on August 12. Additionally, Hideyuki Yonehara‘s Sunset Rose manga will also end in the September issue, and Hajime and Hiroto Ōishi‘s Utsukushii Inu manga will reach its “climax” in the September issue.

The August issue is also teasing that Kazuya Konomoto’s Setoutsumi manga will also have an “important announcement” in the September issue. The manga previously inspired a live-action film that opened in July 2016. The manga revolves around Kansai-area high school boys Seto and Utsumi, particularly their completely normal but comedic chats after school.

Sakurai launched the Mitsudomoe manga in Weekly Shōnen Champion in 2006, and the manga moved to Bessatsu Shōnen Champion in 2012. Akita Shoten published the manga’s 18th compiled volume in February. The story centers around the comedic misadventures of the Marui triplets of sisters in sixth grade.

The manga inspired a 13-episode television anime series in 2010, and an eight-episode second season titled Mitsudomoe Zōryōchū! premiered