OVA Yama no Susume Omoide Present Reveals Key Visual, Logo and Synopsis

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After the great news of Yama no Susume getting a third season AND an OVA, there is finally more news about the OVA. A key visual has been revealed, showing Aoi, Hinata, Kaede and Kokona in a fall-like picture, lying on the floor in fallen leaves. It seems very peaceful.
Details on the story of the OVA have also been announced.

Furthermore, it has been decided that a preview screening will take place on 28 October 2017. Premiere tickets can be bought starting 22 July. There are a wide variety of presents you can get, depending on where you pre-order your ticket. Some place give out post cards, others ticket holders, B2 sized wall scrolls, radio CDs, clear files and towels. For a detailed list, please take a look at their homepage (Japanese only): http://www.yamanosusume.com/ova/

Yama no Susume Omoide Present

October 2017
Pre-screening: 28 October 2017


“Tenranzan, Mount Takao, Mount Mitsutouge!”
Hinata and Aoi look at pictures, filled with memories of the mountains they have climbed so far. When Hinata opens a treasure box in Aoi’s room, she finds misshapen, hand-made accessories. And that’s all it takes to trigger memories of Hinata’s and Aoi’s childhood spent together.


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