Pokémon GO Reveals More Details of 1st Anniversary Events

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Game developer Niantic announced more details of its planned one-year anniversary events for the Pokémon GO smartphone game on Wednesday. Attendees of the game’s first real-world event, Pokémon GO Fest Chicago, will work together with players around the world to unlock in-game bonuses.

During three Challenge Windows at the event, which will be held at Grant Park on July 22 from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EDT, players everywhere will work with players who attend the event to unlock rewards based on the type of Pokémon they catch. For example, if players at the event catch the most Electric-type Pokémon, the distance required to hatch Eggs will be reduced. Depending on how many Pokémon players at the event catch, the duration of the unlocked bonuses will increase.

If players at the Chicago event catch enough Pokémon during the Catch Challenge, they will unlock a Mystery Challenge that they will be able to participate in during the last hour of the event. After players complete the Mystery Challenge at the event, they will unlock an “extra-special bonus” for players around the world. Players around the world will then be able to receive the Global Reward on July 23-24.

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