Rage and Cuteness in “VIRGIN SOUL” Creditless OP/ED

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As of the most recent episode, Rage of Bahamut: VIRGIN SOUL has gone into its second cour. And with a second cour comes a second set of awesome themes!


For optimal enjoyment, Cygames has launched creditless videos for both the new OP and ED. Check them out!


Four-member rock band THE BEAT GARDEN opens up with “Walk This Way,” set to massive battle scenes and a look at what to expect in the second half of the series.


For the ED, DAOKO (who performed first cour ED “Haikei Goodbye Sayonara”) returns with “Cinderella Step,” set to adorable animation of Nina Drango living her own Cinderella story… sort of.


The new themes were first aired in last week’s episode.


Rage of BAHAMUT: VIRGIN SOUL is a sequel series to Rage of Bahamut: GENESIS. Taking place a decade after the first series, it explores a world in which demons have become enslaved and gods have lost their power due to lack of religious faith.


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