Re:CREATORS ‒ Episode 14

Original Source

Officially or not, episode 14 marks the beginning of the series’ second half, with both a new opener and a new closer debuting to commemorate that shift. Both of these showcase a couple new Creations, with one appearing in the final scene of this episode. The opener is a solid number that only falls a little shy of the original opener, while the closer takes a more inventive approach, primarily featuring the good guys in chibi form as they examine various stages of the creation process. Given the series’ content, it’s a cool and appropriate choice.

Although the new Creation (seen in the screenshot) is not introduced by name in this episode, other sources reveal her name as Hikayu Hoshikawa. Her nature beyond that is unknown; the only clues we have about her are that she’s kissing a boy against a starry background in the opener and her positioning in the closer suggests that she’s going to join the good guys. The other Creation, who doesn’t appear at all in the episode, is shown in a tragic situation in the opener, wielding a three-part staff, so presumably he’s a modern-day martial artist. His tragic circumstances in the opener suggest