Re:CREATORS Episode 14 Review: I Feel Painful and So Useless That I Want to Cry but It`s Fun Nevertheless.

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Welcome to the second cour of the Re:CREATORS anime series. Episode 14 deals again with the creative process and how it affects those who decide to pursue a career in arts. Art’s a bitch. It is painful and it does make you want to cry and it is so much fun. No action this week, but we didn’t need any. With the Border World Coliseum in the works, the series just promised us an amazing battle in the near future.

Japanese Title: ぼくらが旅に出る理由


After the amazing recap episode last week, this one spent almost its entirety analyzing the plan that the group came with in Episode 12. To be honest, I got a little dizzy trying to follow all the details. Most of these details were explained by a badass Kikuchihara in a room full of executives. Kikuchi-chan, with her ‘I won’t take any bullshit from you’ attitude, explained the cross-media plan that I think will be a challenge for anyone to explain with simple words in a couple of sentences. The plan takes into account all the story devices we have encountered so far. The characters will be able to change through the spin-off series and acquire new powers. That will require the acceptance of the audience, a sideways glance to the co-dependence that has been established between creators and fans. That glance into this kind of relationships was also explored in the way creators argue. Great scientists and revered poets have destroyed lifetime friendships over petty (or not so petty from their point of view) disputes. Re:CREATORS is showing us a more positive side. Creators may argue and have artistic differences but united under a common goal they can put these differences aside and collaborate. Ever the optimist.

[Art is] something that makes you hate yourself for not being good at it.

That interaction between Sota and Marine was inspiring. So inspiring that Sota wants to be part of the creative process and make a character that will drive the plot forward. Since Matsuraba approves, Sota’s idea must be something that will turn the tide of events. After all, Sota is the narrator of this story and the first character we met. Of course he would have done something important sooner or later.

Episode Highlights

OP & ED Themes: Since we are officially into the second cour, we have new opening and ending themes! The new opening is ‘Shout’ by SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]. This is the same project that performed the first opening, ‘Gravity Wall’, and the songs do sound similar. Electronic sounds backed by an eerily familiar melody and accompanied by a new sequence that focuses both on the creations and the creators. We also get to see the two new characters, one for each team!

The ending is ‘Rubikon’ by Aokado, an upbeat pop song that is outshined by the ingenious ending sequence. The main characters, in both chibi and regular forms, are mingled in with real life shots taken straight from anime production. We get to see time-lapse drawings, storyboards notebooks, rough sketches, and so many more, always with the addition of the characters interacting one way or another with their surroundings.

New Characters: We still don’t know the names of the two new creations, and one of them didn’t even appear in the episode, but we can infer a few things from the opening and ending sequences. The pink girl in the school uniform is probably from a romance anime or a sci-fi anime with a school setting (or a combination) and she is seen in the opening kissing a boy under the stars. In the closing sequence she is standing with the good guys, so that’s a clear indication that she’s joining #TeamMeteora.

The new guy holds a weapon that looks like a staff, so I’ll go for action anime protagonist. Probably with a focus in martial arts. His character still shows him holding the body of a girl. I’m guessing that his tragic past will lead him to #TeamAltair.

Themes & Trivia

Our Darlings: Artist are humans. I think we may well say that right now because many people elevate creators to the level of gods. Yet, we only raise to the divine those creators that cater to our needs and reject those who do not adapt their ‘darlings’ to agree with their distorted view of what other people’s ideas and thoughts should be to entertain them properly. In the end, the creator has a duty to be true to himself, not to the whims of the fans. Easier said than done in a for-profit industry.

Even if others think it’s silly, it may be important to the creator


I don’t think there is a more official way to start a second cour than a new opening and closing theme. I’m not an anisong fan. I love listening to a great opening sequence but in no way do I judge a series’s worth from its OP and ED songs, unless their melody is part of the soundtrack itself. I believe that’s a rare thing for anime these days.

Creators are People

And people fight. They fight because they believe in what they create. They fight because sometimes their ego is greater than their willingness to cooperate. Other times they fight because they are just jerks and they want to let off some steam. In this episode, they fought because saving the world might get under some serious pressure. At least they figured it out.

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