Re:CREATORS Episode 15 Review: This Is Perfect! She Couldn`t Have Been Any More Perfect!

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Re:CREATORS is not trying to be anything more than what its creators, Rei Hiroe and Ei Aoki, intended for it to be: unique. A classic doesn’t need to be a masterpiece to survive the tides of time. Just take a look to classic literature. Classic rock. Retro games. Does anyone really believe that the great American novels are also great books? Well, people do but they are not that good to be honest. Ask any musician if ‘Paranoid’ by Black Sabbath is a masterpiece. It’s not. But in its simplicity and in its lyrics lies the recipe of immortality. Episode 15 came to reinforce that notion for Re:CREATORS. It’s not an anime masterpiece but when the cour is over it will be one of those titles that will survive the tides of seasons.

Japanese Title: さまよいの果て波は寄せる


Hikayu was the kind of character I least expected to join the group. Of course, if you really think of it, the erotic games/anime/manga are a huge part of the industry pie and it only makes sense that such a character will be ‘accepted’ by the audience. To be honest, I would have expected such a character to be the first to enter