RWBY Panel at Anime Expo 2017 Official Report

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'First Published on Manga. Tokyo'

At Anime Expo in Los Angeles, the very popular online animated series RWBY, which has accumulated more than 100 million views worldwide held a panel with Barbara Dunkelman, Gray Haddock, Kerry Shawcross and Miles Luna from the production company Rooster Teeth. RWBY already aired four seasons with the original English dub, but after the 3rd season in 2016 it was announced there would also be a Japanese dub, which surprised many.
On 7 July 2017 season 1-3 will be aired again in Japan with a re-edited version for Japanese television and with the Japanese dub. When this was announced, many fans at the venue let out surprised gasps and congratulated the production staff.
Continuing from this surprising news they continued with the announcement that the new season 4 with Japanese dub will be shown 7-20 October 2017 in Shinjuku’s Piccadilly and other Japanese cinemas. Many fans expressed their wish to also see the full series with Japanese dub in cinemas overseas.

Other announcements included the release of figures of Ruby, Weiss and other popular characters of the series and a manga adaptation. In short, this panel was stuffed with surprising news. At the end, fans could take the chance and ask