Seizei Gambare Mahō Shōjo Kurumi Net Anime Reveals More Cast, Theme Song Artists

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Magical girl gag comedy anime premieres on July 29 on AbemaTV

The staff for the Seizei Gambare Mahō Shōjo Kurumi (Do Your Best Magical Girl Kurumi) gag comedy net anime revealed three more cast members, the theme song artists, and the show’s July 29 premiere on Saturday.

The new cast members include:

Keisuke Matsumoto as Devilun

Daisuke Ono as Gentleman Jacket
Showtaro Morikubo as Pirate

Mia Regina is performing the opening theme song “Girls Only Miracle!,” and voice actors Yuu Hayashi, Wataru Hatano, and Takuma Terashima are performing the ending theme song “Shiritsu Egaogaoka Chūgakkō Kōka” (The School Song of Private Egaogaoka Middle School) as their characters.

The anime will premiere on the AbemaTV streaming service starting on July 29 at midnight (effectively July 30).

The anime centers around Kurumi Azuchimomoyama, a normal 14-year-old girl who attends Egaogaoka Middle School. One day, an angel named “Devilun” who looks like a Tasmanian devil appears before her, and grants her the power to be the beautiful magical girl dinosaur angel warrior “Prima Pink,” and tells her to fight the evil “Darkness Whales” organization. She proceeds to indiscriminately take out Darkness Whales members with weapons that stink of blood. The protagonists are three